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¿What is the NERTRA?

The New Age of Transportation (NERTRA) is defined by the unmanned vehicles which are opening up a new horizon, the automation of transport. The term NERTRA was first coined by AUVSI Spain Chapter during the Diálogo 2017 congress held in León, in order to present this new era.

The world is suffering continuous changes and right now, we are facing a great technological change: the automation of transport. This technology is ready to take the next step since unmanned, land, air, sea and hybrid vehicles are already being used. We are witnessing the so-called transition that gives rise to the new pattern of mobility, the pattern of the unmanned vehicles.

The beginning

The New Age of Transportation presents a demanding order of display and a change in the way we conceive displacement. Its social impact, favoring social and personal success, is out of discussion and it is present in the NPM ØØØ+. Its economic, technological and industrial impact is formidable and it will impel the birth of new industrial sectors besides adding value to the companies engaged. Its impact on the GDP is so relevant that needs to be split between those to join the NERTRA and those who do not.

AUVSI España, formula un Patrón de Movilidad concordante con la legislación medioambiental en vigor y con las nuevas oleadas de legislación medioambiental que se avecinan, al hilo de los acuerdos formalizados en la Cumbre sobre el clima y la proliferación de alertas medioambientales extremas, por contaminación, en todo el mundo.

The proliferation of all kind of vehicles, vessels and aircrafts enters the scene with less mechanization and with high electronic, software and electric propulsion complexity.

Some NERTRA’s features will be the following:

1. Reduce traffic in streets and roads.

2. Increase in the use of light aircraft in goods and people transportation missions.

3. Increase of vessels in the coastal navigation.

4. The necessities of new exchangers and the traffic and services rescheduling will explode in metropolitan areas as well as in the interior of provinces, regions and nations.

5. Significant increase of the night-time traffic in the area of goods (free of noise, pollution and vibrations).

6. The movement of people and goods will overcome the actual boundaries and will increase the logistic infrastructures demand.

7. There is a need to address the roads’ modernization