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AEPSA student organization

AEPSA Courses

Hello everyone! On April 29th and 30th we will conduct a course on drones assembly and piloting whichs lasts 5 hours.

The course will be divided in two sessions, one per day which last 2 and a half hours. We will start at 17:30 and it will be finished by 20:00. It will be given in the Cybernetic Investigation Module of the University of Leon.

In the course we will teach you the drones ‘basic characteristics as well as the different types, utilities…etc. We will show you step by step how to mount a drone (we will use the DJI F450 model) and through practical clases you will know how multirotors are controlled by the end of the course.

Join now, don’t wait any longer!! (limited places).

Please send your application for registration along with a proof of bank payment to this email address: uleaepsa@unileon.es