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An Indication Sheet to join the NERTRA will be published in León. It will be the first goal in the world in this area. Will it be an inspiration for the rest of nations? Probably.

The Indication Sheet will discuss if the NERTRA will decrease because of individualist autonomous vehicles or it will rise up with the help of cooperative autonomous vehicles and a new context of technification and rules. The Manifest NPM ØØØ+ (New Pattern of Mobility Triple Zero Plus) that is developed by AUVSI Spain is the starting point.

The Manifest ØØØ+ can be used as a guide for an ecologic, technological and anthropological reflection.

It is the reason of this event, Diálogo 2017, where the «INDICATION SHEET» will be displayed. The NPM ØØØ+ is the key to communicate and understand the technological change. We enter in the NERTRA (New Age of Transport).

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